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Author: DjElko 08.07.2015-18:31
Tolle Seite, weiter so!
Sind zwar noch nicht so viele Schaltpläne drin, aber trotzdem toll!
Schau auch mal bei meiner Seite rein! (www.djelko.de)

Re: Rückmeldung
Author: 57oIJwcwIH4 21.11.2015-07:42
Frank LeeSeptember 8, 2012Hi JohnVery well done. I can see this as an amazing and ufsuel tool in increasing and reinforcing our knowledge base.  As clinicians, we tend to be visually oriented; the format of real time picture and voice really helps cement the information in our minds. I agree with the previous post that there should be a shorter time lapse between phase 1 and phase 2 , since there is a constant chatter of other info in our fast paced  world. Great Work!!




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